Evolving Our Story

For nearly 60 years, we have pledged ourselves to protecting the livelihood of the veterinary community. Today’s veterinarian is more diverse and advanced than ever before. We knew that in order for us to continue to provide the level of service that meets the unique needs of this evolving profession, we needed to change alongside with you. So we conducted a yearlong research study with AVMA members to ensure that we continue to provide solutions that reflect how you work and how you live.

Veterinarians inspire us. You make us the only personal insurance network of its kind that is designed for and by veterinarians. As we begin to introduce AVMA LIFE this year, we will listen and respond to your feedback to ensure we’re always delivering coverage that’s inspired by you.

To our current trust participants: The policy that you secured through AVMA GHLIT, underwritten by New York Life Insurance Co., is not changing, and you can expect the same dedicated support you’ve grown to depend on from us.

Although AVMA GHLIT has been offering solutions that are tailored to veterinarians for nearly 60 years, it became apparent during focus groups with current AVMA members, that they want to see this unique distinction across all brand communications,

Carolynn MacAllister, DVM
Trust Chair at AVMA LIFE
We Listened

Your feedback and ideas were instrumental in shaping our new direction.

We received valuable feedback during our yearlong research study with AVMA members. What we heard from these discussions was a resounding preference for a program that is designed especially for, and by, veterinarians.

Other common perspectives that we heard include:

  • A desire to see a new trust name that is simpler and easier to understand.
  • Veterinarian-Trustees are viewed as advocates for plan participants.
  • Current plan participants feel the program delivers value because of the collective purchase power of AVMA members.
  • Non-traditional veterinary professionals have affinity for the policies offered because they support their unique positions in the industry.
  • Members have a strong preference for an insurance carrier that has expertise in the veterinary industry.



Brand Promise

We knew that in order for us to act on what Trust participants were telling us, we needed to evolve how we communicate and interact with the diverse and unique veterinary population. Once we analyzed the findings from our research study, we developed a new strategic platform that reflects what AVMA members want from their personal insurance partner.

Our new brand promise reinforces the level of service current and prospective veterinarians can expect from us, while reminding them how we differentiate ourselves by offering the only personal insurance solutions that are tailored to how veterinarians work and live.

AVMA LIFE is your trusted team of experienced veterinarians and insurance experts. We deliver the most tailored and relevant personal insurance program available to veterinarians so you can always be confident you’re supported by the coverage and expertise you need as a veterinary professional.

our new look

Once we solidified our new promise, we teamed up with a branding agency to help create our new name and look.

They developed a range of concepts, all inspired by our new brand promise. We then conducted focus groups with current AVMA members at the annual convention in Boston last summer. AVMA members gave their opinions on everything from which new name they preferred to which of the new designs and messaging truly reflected our role as the only personal insurance network that’s designed for and by veterinarians.

Here’s how AVMA members responded:

  • Out of 6 new names presented, AVMA LIFE was the clear favorite.
  • Members said the new name is simple and leaves room for offering services that impact their whole lives.
  • Out of the four taglines presented, Veterinarian Inspired Coverage was preferred the most.
  • Members felt the new tagline clearly differentiates how the services offered by AVMA LIFE are uniquely designed for, and inspired by, veterinarians.
  • The new design was preferred by almost every member segment—from recent graduates through late career & retirees.
  • Members felt the new design is “warm,” “welcoming,” “friendly,” and “stylish.”
  • New photography was described as very appealing and relevant because it features veterinarians both at home and work.
frequently asked questions

We’ve put together answers to the most frequently asked questions you may have regarding the new name and new look. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions, feel free to contact us at the bottom of this page.

We changed our name to AVMA LIFE in order to better position ourselves to be able to provide even more comprehensive veterinarian-tailored solutions beyond insurance. With the name AVMA GHLIT, the acronym GHLIT (Group Health and Life Insurance Trust) limited our ability to expand our offerings in the future to include new products.
Starting in January at NAVC, and continuing throughout 2016, you will begin to see our new brand in your mailboxes, on the web and at upcoming conventions and conferences.
No. You don’t need to do anything. Your policy is underwritten by New York Life Insurance Co. and will remain that way. Our relationship with New York Life is not changing, just our name.
No. Your policy is not changing. Most policies with AVMA GHLIT are underwritten by New York Life Insurance Co. While we are changing our name to AVMA LIFE Trust, we are committed to our relationship with New York Life. Rest assured, your coverage remains the same, but communications you receive going forward will come from AVMA LIFE.
No, you do not have to update anything. Your eligibility, billing and payment information is still in our record system. You can continue to login through our website with the same user name and password you set up with AVMA GHLIT. Our new name and look are the only updates. These changes will not affect how you pay your bill or how you access your account information.
No. Please keep in mind, the New York Life Insurance Co. underwritten policy you secured under AVMA GHLIT is not changing. We are committed to our relationship with New York Life and you can continue to expect the same level of support and service that you have come to expect from us.
We anticipate that all our current participants will receive invoices under our new name by May 2016.
You can find all our current personal insurance solutions at AVMALIFE.com. We will continue to offer the same policies underwritten by New York Life Insurance Co. that we offered as AVMA GHLIT, plus new coverage has been added recently. To see all the veterinarian-tailored coverage currently available, visit AVMALIFE.com.
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